Victor Kunakh

Victor Anatoliyovich

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Date of birth: Apr. 28, 1946.

Degree: MS in Genetics, Shevchenco Nat. U., Kyiv (1969).

Dsc in Genetics. Year awarded: 1989.

Degrees: Prof. Genetics, Corresponding-member Nat. Acad. Scis. Year awarded: 1993, 1997.

Place of work: Inst. Mol. Biol. and Genet. Present position: Head department of cell population genetics.

Honours and awards: Yurjev prize in genetics 2002; Silver medal, 2 Bronze medalz All-Union Exbn., 1986, 1987, 1988.

Scientific interests: Plant cell and tissue cultures, cell lines - producents biologically active materials, biotechnology, genetics, cell biology, plant physiology.

Number of publications: Over 300 scientific publications, 29 patents and author certificates for inventions.

Telephone: (044) 526-07-98. Telephone home: (044) 526-12-95. Fax: (044) 526-07-59. E-mail:

Selected publications :

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